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Boat/Watercraft Insurance in Michigan

Michigan residents who own boats at times prefer attaching their boat insurance on homeowners' insurance coverage. This is because they want to save some bucks, but they are yet to discover that having a standalone boat insurance policy provides much more protection compared to the one attached to a homeowners' policy.

At McNeil Agency, Inc., we provide all Rochester Hills, MI boat owners with comprehensive watercraft insurance to make sure they are adequately protected from any harm and damages that may happen in water thus giving the boat riders the peace of mind while enjoying the adventure. The standalone boat insurance coverage offers protection which includes;

Protection from the uninsured or underinsured boat owners

In an event where there is a boat collision in Michigan, and the other rider is at fault, you are entitled to get compensation from them. Unfortunately, you may just run into uninsured boat riders who are unable to reimburse you for the damages and losses resulting from the accident. This is where your boat insurance policy will help since your insurer can cater for the damages and then demand payment from the other rider's insurer.

Removal of debris

When an accident happens in water, and you are at fault, you will be required to get rid of the waste from the water body and the oil spillage. Having boat insurance will cater for the costs incurred in this process, something that you cannot get from home insurance.

Liability coverage

This helps you in a case where you are responsible for a boat crash that ends up damaging another person's property or leads to bodily injury. The coverage caters for the cost of replacement and repair of the damaged property. It also pays for medical bills where need be. If the affected decides to sue you for it, liability policy will pay for any legal expenses.

These are a few of the many benefits that you get by choosing to have a standalone boat insurance policy. Boat insurance policies, however, are different and you will need to ensure that you check closely before selecting the coverage that you need for your boat. If you are in need of watercraft Insurance in Rochester Hills, MI, contact McNeil Agency, Inc. and let us help you decide on the best policy for you after evaluating your needs.

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