What About the Other Guy in an Accident?

Auto accidents typically involve more than just the car you’re driving. Unless you become distracted on your own, most accidents involve a combination of human actions and two more drivers. Now if everyone follows the rules, that means all involved should have auto insurance to cover damages and their responsibilities. However, many folks only have the minimum coverage required by law. That can be a problem when their coverage doesn’t come close to covering all the costs for medical injuries and property damage you might have suffered. A serious hospital bill in Rochester Hills, MI alone can be well over $15,000 by the time all the medical charges are accounted for, and that doesn’t include loss of wages and property repair bills. For example, coverage on a motorcycle might be minimal, but it can trigger big costs if you run off the road to avoid one.

According to the cases that Guy Hurley McNeil have seen, insufficient coverage drivers can be just as much of a problem as those with no insurance whatsoever. However, the way to deal with this problem is to use prevention. Folks in Rochester Hills, MI can access the same comprehensive auto policies as elsewhere which means they retain coverage for the difference in care and repairs that a driver with a limited policy may not be able to address. That means covered drivers can get back to their lives and restore their vehicles without having to settle for less, being stuck with injuries that become permanent due to a lack of sufficient care, and lost wages are no longer lost. To find out more about how you can get an auto insurance policy that takes into account your needs as well as what the other guy didn’t cover for you, give Guy Hurley McNeil a call today. You’ll be glad you did if an accident does happen.