Auto Insurance Reform in Michigan

For Michigan drivers looking for relief from high insurance costs, Lansing put through a measure designed to take effect on July 1, 2020.  Under this auto insurance reform effort, motorists are given the option to opt-out from purchasing personal injury protection (PIP) through their auto coverage should their health policy cover auto injuries.  If you’re wondering what the ramification of this new legislation has for your Rochester Hills MI auto coverage, we invite you to come and speak with our friendly and knowledgeable staff here at Guy Hurley McNeil Insurance.

Auto Insurance Reform in Michigan

Drivers in the Wolverine State have long held the dubious distinction of “highest-in-the-nation” when it comes to the cost of auto insurance premiums.  Indeed, since the passage of the state’s no-fault insurance provisions nearly half a century ago, Michigan drivers have seen a steady rise in premium costs, which the new legislation seeks to rein in to help struggling motorists by providing additional options.

Medicare-eligible senior citizens, and drivers covered under health insurance provisions for auto accidents, can now opt-out of the previously mandated demand that they purchase unlimited, lifetime medical coverage, or PIP.

Hailed as a cost-savings measure that is far more than one-off savings, the savings to Michigan families will be realized with each lowered monthly insurance policy, according to bill supporters at the time of passage.

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