Auto Glass and Auto Insurance

Many of us in the Rochester Hills, MI, area have experienced that unsettling sound of a stone hitting our windshield as we travel down the highway. It can take a minute or two to process the event, and then we usually go on an immediate search to see if there was any damage.

At Guy Hurley McNeil, we frequently get calls asking who is responsible if a windshield gets damaged while traveling. The answer is that it will likely fall on you. Here’s why.

Proving fault is difficult.

When a stone or pebble gets kicked up on a freeway, it can be hard to determine what caused it. Even if you see a potentially liable vehicle, it can be challenging to prove blame.

You will likely need to pay your deductible.

While some states have a zero deductible for windshield repair or replacement, Michigan is not one of them. If you incur windshield damage, you will, at the minimum, be responsible for your deductible. In many cases, that deductible will cover the cost of repair or replacement. A claim would not likely result in a monetary reimbursement under normal circumstances.

Would a glass damage claim impact insurance rates?

It is not likely any glass damage claims would increase your auto insurance rates in Michigan. Many glass damage claims remain unreported.

The bottom line.

If you have windshield damage that will cost $700 to repair and you have a $1000 deductible, you will ultimately pay for the full cost of replacement. This is one of the downsides of increasing the deductible to save on monthly car insurance premiums.

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