Why Do I Need Home Insurance?

In most cases, unless your mortgage lender requires it, carrying home insurance is a choice, not a must. When it is not required, people often wonder why they need it and whether they should add on another monthly bill. Here at Guy Hurley McNeil insurance, we want to be sure you know how big of an impact home insurance can make on your life.

Your home is likely your biggest financial investment. If something were to happen to you Rochester Hills, MI home, could you afford the cost to rebuild or buy another home? If a fire broke out and burned down your home, what would happen to your family? Do you have an alternative place to live? Would you be able to pick the pieces of your life back up?

In most cases, the answer is “no”. As homes are such large investments, they can be difficult to replace and rebuild. Though it is not required by law, home insurance is a form of protection that most people cannot do without. In the case of a covered event, your home insurance can cover the costs of the damage or the cost to buy a new home.

Home insurance is something like a savings account that has funds for particular events. You pay your premiums each month. If a covered event occurs, your insurance company will withdraw some of your savings- your policy coverage- to take care of the costs associated with the event.

You may not be required to carry home insurance, but it is something you should seriously consider. There are policies to choose from that can help you bounce back from events such as fire, storm damage, theft, and more. For Rochester Hills, MI residents, give Guy Hurley McNeil a call or stop by today! We can help you personalize your policy to get the coverage you need.