The Basics of Safer Driving

You need to remain safe every time you slide behind the steering wheel of your car. Always be aware of what shape your tires are in and make sure there’s plenty of tread. Keep an emergency kit in your trunk. Finally, defensive driving tops the list of things you can do to remain safer in your car. Guy Hurley McNeil in Rochester Hills, MI can help you insure your vehicle, but your safe driving methods help you make sure you never need to file a claim.

Concentrating on the road and driving can solve a lot of problems. Force yourself to pay 100 percent attention to driving. Avoid multitasking, and that includes using your cell phone or another electronic device.

Defensive driving means paying attention to what happens on the road with other drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, etc. You can see more of what goes on if you reduce your speed a bit. You gain more reaction time if you drive more slowly. It can also reduce accident severity.

Remember the one-car length that your driver’s education instructor told you to keep between the front of your car and the one in front and behind you? It was not a suggestion. It provides a two-second cushion between you and the other vehicles. Increase it to two-car lengths in lousy weather, so you have a four-second cushion. This can save your life and others.

Plan to drive safely, and you should try to start your trip early. Also, plan in rest breaks. You need to pull over to eat and make comfort adjustments before you start driving. That means put the seat, mirrors, and climate controls in the proper position before you put the vehicle in gear.

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