Michigan Homeowner’s Guide to Insurance Reform

With recent changes to auto insurance for Rochester Hills, MI residents and our neighbors around the state, you might be wondering if any potential changes are on the horizon for other important policies like your homeowners’ insurance policy.

When to Worry about Insurance Reform

At Guy Hurley McNeil, we think it’s always a great time to learn more about insurance, but there is a limit to how much information will impact the average person’s experience with insurance. As long as you know your current policy – especially its renewal date – you should be fine. The amount of time between renewals will be different between providers and policies, but it’s usually 12 months. A little before your renewal is the best time to check in with your insurance provider. The provider may contact you about changes that would affect your plan or reminders about your renewal before then, and you can contact them if you have additional questions or just forgot something.

That said, the most impactful policies will likely be in the news while they’re still in the formulating process, and the actual implementation may take a year or more. For example, the auto insurance reform was signed in May of 2019 and took effect in June of 2020. If someone had no other outside contact except to check on their insurance around its renewal dates, they would have found out about the upcoming changes.

The best way to alleviate your worries is by having a quality provider for your insurance. The people of Rochester Hills, MI and the surrounding Metro-Detroit area can count on Guy Hurley McNeil to help you find one.