Road Safety Tips for Winter

Whether you are traveling to a winter destination or a local spot, the winter weather can be tough to navigate at times. Snow and ice can make driving conditions extremely dangerous. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, more than 500,000 accidents occur each year due to hazardous weather conditions. The agents at Guy Hurley McNeil have competent agents ready to get you started with auto insurance coverage, which is the best way to protect yourself against hazards.

Start With Maintenance

Keeping your vehicle in tip-top condition will help you when you need to face the winter weather. Before the weather changes, you should check the battery to make sure that it is in optimal condition. Replace fluids, such as windshield wiper fluid and antifreeze. Check tire pressure and tread to prevent slips on any patches of ice on the road. Keep your gas tank at a decent level. Having too little gas could cause significant problems if you get stuck in a storm.

Driving on Winter Roadways

  • Drive Slower – If it begins to snow, the best thing to do is not go out, but if you have to drive, you should drive slowly. The speed limit is set for clear and optimal conditions, so speeding will quickly become dangerous. 

  • Stay Back – Your field of vision will be impaired while it is snowing, so it’s best to drive slowly and keep a safe distance. 

  • Know Your Brakes – Know what your car can and cannot do. Knowing how your brakes accelerate and decelerate in inclement weather can be an advantage. 

  • Skids – If you do find yourself skidding, turn your tires into it and not against it.

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