What are the standard auto insurance liability levels in Rochester Hills, MI?

Auto insurance is a necessary component for driving in Rochester Hills, MI. The lack of insurance is a misdemeanor in the state, which means you could be fined, go to jail, or lose your license. So, you must obtain a policy immediately. Here are the minimum liability levels.

Michigan Injury Liability Coverage

According to the Guy Hurley McNeil Agency, you need bodily liability insurance to cover claims against you for injuries related to an auto accident. Minimal coverage must equal $250,000 or more for each individual. In addition, it has to cover $500,000 per accident. If you don’t make a selection during the initial signup process, the insurance agency defaults to the limits of $250,000/$500,000.

Under Michigan law, you have the choice to select lower bodily liability limits as long as you sign a form understanding the consequences. However, if you injure someone in Rochester Hills, MI, or another area in the state, you could face seizure of assets and the garnishment of your wages. 

Michigan Collision Liability Coverage

Michigan doesn’t require drivers to have collision coverage in their auto insurance policy. Thus, the following could occur if you decline to purchase the liability package:

  1. Repairs are out-of-pocket when you get into a single-person accident (you’re the only party involved).
  2. If another vehicle causes an accident, you only receive $1,100 toward repairs as part of a mini-tort. 

For these reasons, adding collision liability coverage is recommended to keep your car on the road.

Do you have further questions related to Michigan’s auto insurance minimums? If so, reach out to the Guy Hurley McNeil team for more information.