Brake Maintenance and Car Safety

Staying safe out on the road involves more than having an excellent insurance policy. The insurance professionals with Guy Hurley McNeil want to help you stay safe on the streets in Rochester Hills, MI, and the surrounding areas. Keep reading to learn more about how brake maintenance affects your vehicle safety. 

Is It Time For Brake Maintenance?

Several signs will alert you that your brakes need servicing. One of the most obvious signs is that the brakes will start squeaking and making noise when you try to brake. This is caused by the material on the brake pads breaking down. When this happens, the metal is scraping against the metal. This creates an unsafe braking situation. 

Another sign is that you will have prolonged braking times. If you need to brake further back, it could mean your brakes need repair. 

What Are The Risks?

The most dangerous risk to avoiding brake maintenance is that you will not be able to stop in time when you need to. This can put you in a lot of danger. It would be best to have plenty of reaction time when braking on the roads. If you come upon a person, animal, or object in the roadway, you will need this quick braking. The worse your brakes are, the slower the reaction time will be in this type of situation. 

Who Should Work On Brakes?

Having a professional mechanic work on your brakes is always a good idea. This will ensure the job is done right and safely. 

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