Do I still need PIP coverage?

Michigan passed its new auto insurance reform law that went into effect on July 1, 2020. Under the new terms, drivers can forgo personal injury protection (PIP) if they can provide proof of health insurance that has a deductible of $6,000 or less. Do you still need PIP coverage in Rochester Hills, MI, though? An agent at Guy Hurley McNeil can help you determine what auto insurance plan is best for your lifestyle. 

What substitutes for PIP coverage?

A health plan that includes auto injuries while also meeting the deductible requirements as stipulated by the new law is generally enough to substitute for PIP coverage. Such plans are better known as qualified health coverage (QHC). 

Who has QHC?

Those who are insured under their employer in Rochester Hills, MI generally have QHC. Such is especially true if you work for a large corporation that provides health insurance that does not require a deductible. 

Those who have Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B may also opt-out of PIP if a spouse or other relative living in the same household has health coverage with a deductible under $6,000. Medicare members living in the same household as a spouse or relative who currently has PIP may also opt-out of the protection plan. 

Unfortunately, those with Medigap and Medicaid coverage are not eligible for exemption from PIP. Those with insurance provided by the armed forces may also need to add PIP to their insurance plan. 

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The new auto insurance reform law can be confusing. An agent from Guy Hurley McNeil can help you understand the new terms. Call today to get a thorough explanation of who qualifies for exemption from PIP.