Michigan’s No Fault Auto Insurance Reform Cuts Funding to Car Accident Survivors

Michigan is considered to have the most expensive auto insurance in the country. As such, Michigan lawmakers have been working on auto insurance reform bills since 2019, to reduce the costs of car insurance. With this legislation however, there have been some unfortunate trickle effects on Michigan residents. The new auto insurance reform laws are resulting in a loss of funding of benefits to Michigan car accident survivors. 

The end result is that Michigan residents that need their benefits to continue after a car accident are seeing dramatic cuts to their car accident payouts. At Guy Hurley McNeil serving Rochester Hills, MI, we want you to be covered in every event that may impact your car insurance.

Who is Impacted Under Michigan’s Auto Insurance Reform?

Both beneficiaries and the services they use are being impacted by Michigan’s auto insurance reform. Insurance companies are not. This is how your auto insurance premiums are being reduced, which is what the reform is all about.

To start, Michigan residents that have been injured in a car accident and are receiving benefits for care will see a reduction in reimbursements rates by 45 percent. That means that the centers that serve accident victims will be reimbursed 55 percent of what they were receiving in January 2019. That will be in effect July 1, 2021.

Will There be a Reform to Auto Reform?

Some lawmakers are concerned about the impact this reform is having on Michigan residents and businesses. Some are saying that some rehabilitation services will not be able to survive this loss of funding.

In addition to the burdens now placed on accident victims that paid for their premiums at higher rates years ago, rehabilitation centers are experiencing budget cuts and job losses as a result of this reform.

There are two bills working their way through the Michigan state legislature that could prevent these changes. Those are SB 314 in the Senate and House Bill 4486.

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What is auto insurance reform?

Your auto insurance plan in Rochester Hills, MI may qualify for a discount, thanks to new auto reform policies. The state of Michigan has adopted new laws that now allow car owners to forgo purchasing personal injury protection (PIP) if they have a qualifying health insurance plan. The agents at Guy Hurley McNeil can provide a full explanation as to how auto insurance reform can positively impact your policy. 

Why is PIP coverage required?

Michigan is a no-fault state, which means that all drivers must have insurance that pays for personal medical bills. You cannot necessarily sue the driver who rear-ended you for personal injury in Rochester Hills, MI. 

Personal injury protection (PIP) provides the coverage needed to pay for your medical expenses regardless of whether you caused an accident. Generally speaking, Michigan drivers must furnish proof of PIP coverage that pays at least $25,000 for damages. 

Changes to the rules

Under the new auto insurance reform laws, drivers with health insurance through their employers may qualify for a waiver of the required PIP coverage. Those seniors with Medicare may also be able to forgo coverage. 

Not everyone with health insurance qualifies for a PIP waiver. Individuals with high deductibles, for instance, may still need to have a plan. It is not best to assume that your health plan qualifies you for a PIP waiver. You should speak with a professional in the auto insurance field before dropping your plan. 

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What is auto insurance reform?

Michigan’s new auto reform law went into effect on July 1, 2020. The new measure gives auto owners in Rochester Hills, MI more options in terms of personal injury protection (PIP). The agents at Huy Hurley McNeil can help you understand how the new auto reform law affects your budget and lifestyle. 

What does the new auto reform law change?

The new auto reform law gives individuals in Michigan the choice to opt-out of personal injury protection. Michigan is a no-fault state, which typically means drivers are responsible for their own medical bills and wages lost regardless of who is at fault in an accident. 

In past times, Michigan as a no-fault state meant PIP coverage was required. The new auto reform law, however, makes it possible for those who have health insurance through an employer to opt-out of purchasing the additional protection. 

Who else qualifies to opt-out of PIP coverage?

Those who have Medicare insurance in Rochester Hills MI may also choose to opt-out of PIP coverage. All health insurance policies, regardless of whether or not they are provided by an employer, require deductibles of $6,000 or less to meet the PIP opt-out standards. 

How does the new auto reform law apply to your situation?

The new auto reform law may save money if you qualify to opt-out of PIP coverage in Rochester Hills, MI. It is best, however, to speak with an insurance agent at Guy Hurley McNeil before deciding to go without protection. 

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3 Benefits of Taking a Defensive Driving Class

Defensive driving courses are a great way to reduce the number of points you have on your license or to get a discount on your insurance premiums. There are also other benefits as well that make taking the class well worth the time and money. In Rochester Hills, MI, the agents at Guy Hurley McNeil are able to provide sound advice on how to be as safe as possible while driving.

Brings You Up to Date on New Laws

Taking a defensive driving class will bring you up to date about any new laws or driving regulations that you may have overlooked or not heard of. In some cases, new laws are passed or changes are made to existing laws, and very little is discussed about it. A defensive driving class will keep you up to speed.

Reinforces What You Already Know

A good defensive driving course will reinforce what you already know. People who have been driving for several years can sometimes forget certain driving techniques or strategies that can help prevent them from being involved in an accident. Taking a defensive driving course is just one way to be reminded of many of the things you may have forgotten about over the years.

Become a Better Driver

Another advantage is that a good defensive driving class will teach you new driving techniques that will make you a better driver. With today’s advanced technology, it is much easier to avoid being a victim of a reckless driver.

Residents who live in Rochester Hills, MI can call the office of Guy Hurley McNeil and get all of the answers they need when it comes to auto insurance and learning how to become a better driver. You can schedule a consultation with them at any time and get the answers you need.

Do I still need PIP coverage?

Michigan passed its new auto insurance reform law that went into effect on July 1, 2020. Under the new terms, drivers can forgo personal injury protection (PIP) if they can provide proof of health insurance that has a deductible of $6,000 or less. Do you still need PIP coverage in Rochester Hills, MI, though? An agent at Guy Hurley McNeil can help you determine what auto insurance plan is best for your lifestyle. 

What substitutes for PIP coverage?

A health plan that includes auto injuries while also meeting the deductible requirements as stipulated by the new law is generally enough to substitute for PIP coverage. Such plans are better known as qualified health coverage (QHC). 

Who has QHC?

Those who are insured under their employer in Rochester Hills, MI generally have QHC. Such is especially true if you work for a large corporation that provides health insurance that does not require a deductible. 

Those who have Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B may also opt-out of PIP if a spouse or other relative living in the same household has health coverage with a deductible under $6,000. Medicare members living in the same household as a spouse or relative who currently has PIP may also opt-out of the protection plan. 

Unfortunately, those with Medigap and Medicaid coverage are not eligible for exemption from PIP. Those with insurance provided by the armed forces may also need to add PIP to their insurance plan. 

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What Auto Insurance is Best for New Drivers?

If you’ve just purchased a brand new car, the first thing you need to do before you take it out on the Rochester Hills, MI roads is to get insurance. However, with a brand new car, it can be hard to know what type of auto insurance is best for you. Learn about the different types of coverage and how you can get covered with Guy Hurley McNeil!

What Does Auto Insurance Cover?

In a nutshell, auto insurance provides you with financial support in the case that any damage is sustained to you, your vehicle, or someone else in an accident. Here are some of the different areas of auto insurance coverage: 

  • Liability
  • Damage to your vehicles
  • Damage to another person’s vehicle
  • Injury to you or others
  • Non-automotive property damage from a car accident

These are just some of the different areas of which auto insurance covers. To compare prices and amounts of different coverage types, get expert consultation from Guy Hurley McNeil. 

How Much Coverage Should You Have?

Usually, most states will require you to have liability coverage as a minimum for driving your car. Depending on how much you drive your car, you can get by on just liability coverage, which will cover you if you’re in an accident, and you are at fault. However, if you have a new car, it’s recommended that you get full coverage. Liability won’t cover you if a deer came out and hit your car on the road. With a new car, damage repairs can be expensive, so it might not hurt to get full coverage on your new car. 

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How Auto Insurance Reform Could Affect Your Policy

At Guy Hurley McNeil, we want to make sure you understand the auto insurance reform taking place in Michigan. If you’re in or near the Rochester Hills MI area, we’re here and happy to help answer your questions or make any necessary adjustments to your policy. The no-fault legislation that is part of this reform means higher coverage options and a stronger level of consumer protection. With a better no-fault system for drivers, everyone will have quality coverage. But if your policy renewed after July 1, 2020, or you get a policy issued after that date, the changes will be applied.

When you work with a trusted agent, you’ll have fewer worries about the changes and anticipate any adjustments you’ll need to make to your policy. We understand that insurance reform can cause confusion, and we want to reduce that as much as possible for all our customers. Whether you want to change or update your policy, or you just have questions about how things will change for you, we’ll be here to answer them. Essentially, though, you’ll receive better protection and more coverage options, which will benefit drivers throughout the state.

Are you ready to learn about the new auto insurance reform, or do you have questions that need to be answered? At Guy Hurley McNeil, we’re here to help. Reach out to us today, and become one of our satisfied Rochester Hills, MI customers. We’ll help you understand the changes and what they mean for you, along with making sure you’re getting all the support you’re looking for if you need to adjust your policy. We want you to make informed choices, and we’re happy to provide knowledge and guidance so you can do that more easily. By contacting us, you’ll be protected yourself and your policy so you can get the quality coverage you need and want for your vehicle.

Auto Insurance Reform in Michigan

For Michigan drivers looking for relief from high insurance costs, Lansing put through a measure designed to take effect on July 1, 2020.  Under this auto insurance reform effort, motorists are given the option to opt-out from purchasing personal injury protection (PIP) through their auto coverage should their health policy cover auto injuries.  If you’re wondering what the ramification of this new legislation has for your Rochester Hills MI auto coverage, we invite you to come and speak with our friendly and knowledgeable staff here at Guy Hurley McNeil Insurance.

Auto Insurance Reform in Michigan

Drivers in the Wolverine State have long held the dubious distinction of “highest-in-the-nation” when it comes to the cost of auto insurance premiums.  Indeed, since the passage of the state’s no-fault insurance provisions nearly half a century ago, Michigan drivers have seen a steady rise in premium costs, which the new legislation seeks to rein in to help struggling motorists by providing additional options.

Medicare-eligible senior citizens, and drivers covered under health insurance provisions for auto accidents, can now opt-out of the previously mandated demand that they purchase unlimited, lifetime medical coverage, or PIP.

Hailed as a cost-savings measure that is far more than one-off savings, the savings to Michigan families will be realized with each lowered monthly insurance policy, according to bill supporters at the time of passage.

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Should you be wondering Michigan’s new insurance law will affect you and your family, we invite you to contact our friendly staff to discuss your insurance in this evolving situation.  Reach out to our knowledgeable and friendly insurance agents to understand the new law.  You get more than just peace of mind when you work with Guy Hurley McNeil; you get the answers you need to answer your questions.

Do I Need a Special Kind of Policy if I Use My Car for Work?

Rochester Hills, MI residents who are self-employed often use their own car for business purposes. This can lead to problems if you are involved in an accident. The agents at Guy Hurley McNeil want to work with their clients to help them protect both their business as well as their personal property. Understanding the need to keep their personal car from their business assets is essential. 

Business vs Pleasure Driving

When you own a business, it is of the utmost importance to keep your business interests apart from your personal property. While you may be able to use your vehicle to drive to and from work, carrying inventory and other merchandise can lead to a sticky situation if you are involved in an accident. If at all possible, you need to have a separate vehicle that is used strictly for business purposes. This protects your personal vehicle from any business liability.

Business Liability

Business liability insurance keeps the liability associated with your company focused only on your business. It prevents your personal assets from being affected if your business falls on hard times due to an accident or other type of mishap. With the right type of insurance policy, your vehicle will be fully covered for your business and without having an impact on your personal automobile policies.

The agents at Guy Hurley McNeil are always available to discuss auto insurance options with their clients who live in the Rochester Hills, MI area. If you are looking for answers on how to insure your personal vehicle as well as your business vehicles, the agents have the answers. Visit them today!

The Basics of Safer Driving

You need to remain safe every time you slide behind the steering wheel of your car. Always be aware of what shape your tires are in and make sure there’s plenty of tread. Keep an emergency kit in your trunk. Finally, defensive driving tops the list of things you can do to remain safer in your car. Guy Hurley McNeil in Rochester Hills, MI can help you insure your vehicle, but your safe driving methods help you make sure you never need to file a claim.

Concentrating on the road and driving can solve a lot of problems. Force yourself to pay 100 percent attention to driving. Avoid multitasking, and that includes using your cell phone or another electronic device.

Defensive driving means paying attention to what happens on the road with other drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, etc. You can see more of what goes on if you reduce your speed a bit. You gain more reaction time if you drive more slowly. It can also reduce accident severity.

Remember the one-car length that your driver’s education instructor told you to keep between the front of your car and the one in front and behind you? It was not a suggestion. It provides a two-second cushion between you and the other vehicles. Increase it to two-car lengths in lousy weather, so you have a four-second cushion. This can save your life and others.

Plan to drive safely, and you should try to start your trip early. Also, plan in rest breaks. You need to pull over to eat and make comfort adjustments before you start driving. That means put the seat, mirrors, and climate controls in the proper position before you put the vehicle in gear.

Visit Guy Hurley McNeil serving the Rochester Hills, MI area to learn more about vehicle safety and how your auto insurance helps protect you.