Choose the Right Additional Home Insurance Coverage to Fit Your Needs

If you’re just about to get home insurance for a new house or when your situation or property changes, it’s a good idea to know what types of additional coverage would benefit you the most. An agent at Guy Hurley McNeil of the Rochester Hills, MI area can help.

Why an Insurance Rider Might be Right for You

An insurance rider, also known as an endorsement or floater, is an add-on to your home insurance policy (or any insurance). It acts to amend the basic policy. When you get a rider, you’ll increase coverage limits, as well as expand or extend protection on a specific property for additional perils. 

Higher Limits for Personal Property 

If any of your personal belongings were to be stolen or damaged in your home or on your person while you’re traveling, it ordinarily would be covered by a basic home insurance policy. However, it may only be for $1,500 or another amount that doesn’t cover higher-ticket valuable items like expensive jewelry or antiques. Some riders allow you to increase the personal property coverage limit for specific items for which there is a higher risk. 

Check Back with Your Insurance Agent Often

It’s in your best interest to sit down with your insurance agent about once a year to discuss any new options or changes with your home or new personal property. They’ll be able to explain coverage gaps and help you figure out the best floaters to fit your needs. 

Here at Guy Hurley McNeil, we’ll be able to assist you with your home insurance coverage questions and concerns. Serving the Rochester Hills, MI area, we’re dedicated to all of our clients.