How is Home Insurance Reform Relevant to me as a Michigan Homeowner?

Michigan residents aren’t required to carry homeowners insurance by law. However, many lenders may still require that homeowners purchase this insurance as a way of protecting their investment-your home. Michigan is also a state that has no regulation of rates when it comes to homeowner’s insurance. This means that insurance companies can set their rates without having to abide by any state regulations. Home insurance reform has impacted states like Florida and Colorado and created change in the way insurance companies can operate as well as how much homeowners pay for insurance. If anything, Michigan residents aren’t faced with a lot of guidelines and requirements when it comes to home insurance. Michigan doesn’t require homeowner’s insurance and home insurance companies aren’t regulated by the state. This is one of the reasons why home insurance reform may not impact Michigan residents as much as it has impacted others in other states.

Michigan Homeowners Insurance Laws

Guy Hurley McNeil is committed to providing understanding and guidance to Rochester Hills, MI residents when it comes to homeowner’s insurance. Because this type of insurance isn’t required in the state of Michigan by law, it’s intensely important that insurance agents guide and advice residents about the type of coverage and insurance that is truly best for their unique situation. If you’re a Michigan resident that’s purchasing a home, most lenders will require that you carry homeowner’s insurance. This is a smart way of protecting their investment int the event of some unforeseen circumstance. If you are financing your home or condo, many lenders will still require you to carry this type of insurance. 

If You Fail to Purchas Homeowners Insurance

If a lender requires you to carry homeowners insurance proof of insurance will be required. If you fail to purchase homeowner’s insurance As a homeowner who is financing their house or condo, the lender has the right to buy the insurance on your behalf and take payments for this insurance through an escrow account. Although this type of insurance isn’t a requirement, homeowners will more than likely still have to invest in it because most homeowners can’t pay for their home outright, they have to finance their home through a lender. Home insurance reform hasn’t impacted the way insurance companies do business in Michigan because this type of insurance isn’t regulated by state law and its not a legal requirement. This makes it necessary for homeowners to carefully compare insurance companies and choose the one that best suits their budget and their unique needs.